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Types of Wireless Routers

Wireless Routers

Nowadays Internet is used far and wide. At first we were dependent on the wired technology i.e. we were using the internet at home or office with a wire came from the isp end. But as the time passed away, technologies got updated and wireless technology came into existence.

To use wireless technology, we need to have wireless device at home. These wirelss device generates the wifi signals that are received by our client wireless devices such as wireless LAN of the laptop. These wireless devices which route the internet signals to the wireless client device, are called Wireless Routers.

Wireless Router
Types of Wireless Routers

Cisco Routers
Cisco is the most famous and popular company manufacturing wireless routers on a large scale. Cisco can be taken as the innovator of this technology. It made many types of industrial lever routers, switches, and security appliances. Cisco is also famous for its domestic wireless routers like cisco 871W series router.

Linksys Wirelss 
Another brand which is famous for providing endless wireless technologies. There are many models like EA 6500, EA 4500, EA3500, 2700 etc. All work well and provide very ease to access and configuration.

Belkin Wireless Routers
It is another very popular brand in the category of wireless routers. It provides user a very convenient and easy way to connect to the internet. It provides reliable security options that at all times avoid any type of cyber invasion.

Netgear is a famous name in the field of wireless technology. Netgear offers dominant, attractive networking product for home internet user, it can be hanged on any wall on the house and it provide a very convenient way to work at home.

Apple's wireless router called EBS is also very good wireless device. These routers can work very well with windows and Macintosh operating system.

Buffalo G54 Air Station
This brand is slightly less popular and is not very much in use. Some of the user supposed that its configuration is rather difficult. But it's a good router to provide this wireless signal strength.

Wireless technology is growing day by day. And all manufacturers are in competitions to provide the best facilities to the customers. And its good for all of us who loves wireless.

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