Monday, 8 April 2013

How to prevent data loss

The best thing you can do is to keep a backup of all your important data and files regularly. Keep the copy of data offsite from the original copy. Don’t keep your backup copy on the same partition of computer.

How to prevent data loss

Follow these simple tips to prevent data loss.

Practice good working habits
  • Make some good habits while working on computers that can prevent the loss of data. Some of it are:
  • Create separate partition for your programs and data. Some time there can be crash with your program drive. So in that case, you can even have many chances to keep your data out.
  • Keep your files and folders with appropriate name.
  • If you can, don’t encrypt your files and folder, because in case of damage, recovery will be more difficult.
  • If you are not using your computer, don’t keep it on or in power safe mode. Just shut it down.

Use Antivirus Software

Anti-Viruses keep your computer and data secure. So, keep your antivirus up to date with latest signature files. Out dated antivirus can’t fight against latest type of virus definitions and can’t stop your system to be damaged.

Protect against power surges

If there is large amount of data in your computer then keep it with uninterrupted power supply with a UPS backup. Because sudden failure of power, can damage your operating system and that thing can lead you to the data loss.

Keep your system in shaded, dust free and well ventilated area

Never place your computer where it is directly exposed by the rain, sun or humidity. It can harm your computer.

Do not over tweak your system
Don’t try to play with computer’s registry values or system files till then you are not well known to them. A wrong modification can lead your computer to the no booting stage and you can face data loss.

Avoid moving computer when it is operation

Be endurable with the time. Don’t try to move your computer or notebook when it is on or something is running on it. It can create unexpected problem such as crash of the hard disk.

Safeguard your computer

Don’t put your notebook or computer in the unknown network. It can be risky. Because data can be theft or damage by the persons or program which are able to access your data after entering that network.

Practice Disk Maintenance

Perform disk defragmentation once every few months. Such process ensures the data is arranged more contiguously and is easier for access or recovery. 

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