Thursday, 14 February 2013

How to fix slow computer?

Slow computer is a big time problem for both normal PC users and small business firms. Fixing slow computer can be a difficult task. Whenever you face this problem the first thing you need to this is to close all the files and applications and then reboot your system. There can be many reasons for slow speed of computer. Lack of proper maintenance is one of them or there can be virus in your system. In some cases operating system issues can slow down you computer. Registry errors & useless junk files mostly make your computer slow. It is difficult for an average computer user to speed up slow computer but there are simple steps that you can follow to get out of this problem.

slow computer

Some major causes which can make your computer slow are:
• Virus or Spyware
• Registry errors
• Not enough hard drive space
• Excessive hard disk fragmentation
• Junk files

How to fix slow computer?

• To make your computer work at its best you need to keep programs updated. Make sure that Windows operating system on your computer is up-to-date. It is always recommend turning on the automatic updates.

• Unnecessary programs & applications is a major cause of making your computer slow, so the first thing you need to do is to uninstall all those program and applications. Uninstall all those software which you never use, these software take up valuable memory and slow down the computer. Go to the program list and check all programs which you don't use. Uninstall them one by one from your computer.

• Spyware or Malware can be another reason which can make your computer slow. Spyware is a big threat to security of personal information. It is a technology that that helps in gathering information about a person without his knowledge. To fix slow computer remove all spyware or malware from your PC. For that install anti-spyware and anti-malware software.

• When Windows starts up, it checks all the registry entries together with the void entries. And once it's running, it additionally has to load a number of the entries. Void register entries occupy your RAM resources and dramatically curtail the pc speed. To fix a slow computer, you have you to clean up the void registry keys.

• Too many icons on your desktop can also slow down your computer, therefore it is always recommended to clean up your desktop icons.

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