Saturday, 17 November 2012

What is Trojan Virus?

A Trojan Virus is a kind of malware which pretends to be a genuine file or useful program however its actual purpose is to give unauthorized access of your computer to hacker. Trojan may enter your computer through various ways like E-mail attachments, free helpful software or online games etc.

what is trojan virus
Trojan Virus

Signs of Trojan Virus on your computer:
  • Change in wallpaper and background settings
  • System booting itself
  • Disabled Anti Virus & Firewall
  • Computer takes a lengthy time to start over
  • Ctrl + Alt + Del command not working anymore
  • Unusual error messages on your computer screen for example, PC is infected
  • Applications not getting started
  • Odd icons and new shortcuts prowling in your taskbar
  • E-mail client sending messages to your other contacts without your consent
    Points to remember to stay away from Trojans:
    points to stay away from Trojan virus
  •  Download files from trusted websites only.                        
  •  Usage of Anti-Trojan software can be a good move.
  •  Be cautious of files sent over the internet.
  •  Update the basic software of operating system and anti virus  of your computer on regular basis.
  •  Install a firewall which prevents unauthorized access to your computer.

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