Monday, 17 September 2012

What is Browser Hijacking?

Browser Hijacking is a type of malware or virus which modifies or changes the settings of an on hand browser without the consent or permission of user. It is quite frustrating when a user is searching for something important & the browser redirects that search to an unwanted website which has got nothing to do with user’s concern. It can also make changes in bookmarks, display, homepage and favorites of browser. A Browser hijack also do not allow the user to access online tech support websites where he can find the solution of this problem moreover it is also capable of seizing the functions of anti-virus software on user’s computer.

Browser hijacking

Here are few instances through which a user can realize that his/her current browser has been hijacked:

• Redundant pop ups coming on computer screen.
• Home Page or Display of Browser is modified.
• Computer runs slower than usual.
• Change of bookmarks or favorites.
• New unwanted bookmarks or favorites added in the user’s  list.
• Redirecting user’s search to predetermined destination without user’s permission.
• Browser resists going on an anti-virus or anti-spy ware websites.


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