Friday, 21 September 2012


Phishing is a way of fetching user’s personal information by asking him to put in the details in fake bank account & credit card portals which makes them capable of making fraud charges on user’s bank account or credit cards. It pretends to be an authentic entity & tricks user to reveal his/her confidential information. Once a user puts in the details in these portals, his/her personal information straightaway goes to the hacker & then the hacker misuses this information for his personal interest at his level best. These portals asking for user names & passwords travel via e-mails or instant messaging. E-mails talking about unauthorized transaction induce the user to fill in personal details in order to get more information. This is nothing more than a scam & users should not give out their private & confidential information. It is always better to contact your Bank or Credit Card Company in the given situation & keep your computer secure from this spamming in the very first go.

Phishing can be done in various ways. These hackers target large businesses & senior executives. They collect information about users in order to raise the possibility of success in their work. They send identical e-mails pretending that they are sent from known & trusted source or they can use correspondingly spelled URL’s to mislead the user.


Few useful points to stay away from Phishing

-Use Anti-spam software.
-Let the firewall working for you always. Enable it from Control Panel.
-Secure your computer with Anti-virus & anti-malware program.
-Fill in your personal details on secured sites only. Check for https://.
-Consider changing important passwords on regular basis.
-Update your browser with latest version for better security & anti phising filters.
-Nothing is urgent if it is not from your Wife or Boss. Avoid opening the attachment of e-mails marked as urgent if they are from unknown source.
-Never open suspicious e-mails.
-Still if anything complicates you, feel free to call us & one of our online tech support will help you in getting your computer secured.


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